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Stripe Warranty

RIVERDECALS will replace any stripe for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase do to product failure. Impact chips, chemical exposure and or abuse of any kind or negligence during the installation process, transport and or use of vehicle on or off the road, are not covered. Stripes and/or decals installed on fresh paint that cause out-gassing bubbles are NOT covered. Stripes and decals on horizontal surfaces, such as hoods or roofs, are NOT covered, for they are subject to too many adversaries (direct uv light, acid rain and engine heat). Simple rule: If it will hurt your paint or your skin, it will hurt your stripe.

Vinyl graphics not impervious to gasoline, oil or any other solvents. They are not made of Superman’s cape. If gasoline, oil or other solvent is spilled on stripe surface or edge, wipe off immediately with soap and water. Gasoline, oil or solvent spillage is not covered under the warranty. James Dean Creations will not be held responsible for labor charges incurred to remove and install damaged or warranted stripes.

It is very important to follow Decal installation guidelines Do’s and Don’ts or warranty will be voided. Do not use rubbing compounds or abrasives of any nature on or across stripes. Stripes maybe waxed just like paint. Apply and remove wax lengthwise (with) to stripe, not across, to avoid embedding compound under stripe edge.